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Lead Guitar in Any Key!

Use these 3 easy steps to solo in any major, minor, or blues key! 

Step 1: This one scale pattern works for both major and minor keys, starting anywhere on the E string. 

Step 2: This second pattern can be played starting on the A string, to give you more options. 

Step 3: Add some flavor! Use hammer-ons, pull-offs, slides, and phrasing to make your solos more dynamic. 

Once you are comfortable with this strategy, you will always know where to begin your improvisation. It works in every key, in every musical style, any type of scale. 

“This system totally changed the game for me, it’s amazing to finally understand how it all fits together.” – Matt

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Who is this course for?

Is this a beginner friendly course? Yes! You can use this strategy even if you're picking up the guitar for the first time. 

Is this course relevant for advanced players? Yes! When I created this system I had already been playing for over 20 years and considered myself a semi-professional player. It totally changed the game for me, because until I started using this I was making everything waaay too complicated.

Why are you giving it away for free? I've had a lot of help from teachers and mentors along the way, and enjoy being able to pass some of this along for other to enjoy. I also offer some private lessons via Skype, and have an online guitar school that is open to anyone who would like to take their playing to the next level. If you would like more info just sign up for the free course here, and feel free to email me back anytime with questions or cool musical ideas!


“The greatest thing about guitar lessons with Miles is that he doesn’t start with scales, or reading music, or tuning your guitar — he just starts with a simple love of music. My son and I had lessons with him for two years, and Miles always asked what we were listening to and formed lessons around that. He’s as nice as anyone can possibly be, more patient than I could ever be, and a fantastically gifted and disciplined guitarist. So it’s just fun to be around that, and his love of music is contagious.” 

– Neal  

For a limited time you can get this awesome mini course for free!


Regular price: $24.95


Hey there! I'm Miles, a life-long student and teacher of the guitar, and I have some helpful tricks and tips to share with you. 

Okay so you know a few scales. Maybe you’ve got a few sweet licks up your sleeve, and when the wind is blowing just right you can take a great solo. But then your buddy starts jamming in a new key and you’re totally lost! Sound familiar? Believe me I’ve been there! There is so much great information out there, but why can’t it be easier to always know what scale to use, and where to put it? 

Even after I had been playing and teaching guitar for decades, and I knew every scale in the book, I would sometimes play along on a song I didn’t know, and feel completely bewildered when it was my turn to take a solo! The problem was it took me way too long to go through my mental list of scales and keys and figure out what to do in an unfamiliar situation. 

One day I finally realized I was making everything way too complicated! I discovered that I could use two scale patterns as a starting point to reach the entire fretboard in any Major or Minor key any time. It’s so simple, but it really changed the game for me. 


After teaching one-on-one guitar lesson for over 20 years, I’ve created simple but powerful strategies for unlocking your true potential as a guitarist. Now I’m sharing this knowledge online, and I’m super excited to get it out into the world. The introductory courses are free, and I’d love for you to check them out and let me know what you think! If you like what you see, you can get a special deal on my full courses when they become available. Thanks for reading, and I look forward to hearing from you! 

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