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  • Learning Guitar is easy if you have the right tools and spend a little time practicing each week. 
  • We help you create a course of study just for you, based on your skill level and favorite music. 
  • Get help and feedback to stay on the right track. 

“This system totally changed the game for me, it’s amazing to finally understand how it all fits together.” – Matt

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Song Tutorials, Guitar Theory Courses, Jam Tracks, Playing Technique, Roadmap, Online Community, and a Course of Study Created Just for You! Only $14.95/mo. 

  • Get all the tools you need in one place!  
  • Sometimes the hardest thing about learning guitar is knowing what skills to work on next. I work with every student to help you chart a clear path forward, and be sure you can make steady progress and have fun doing it! 
  • Most courses teach you how to play a few songs, but never address the underlying structure. We teach you the key building blocks of music, so you can learn to figure out songs on your own and even write your own music! 

Who is Fretboard101 for? 

I'm a total beginner. Will Fretboard101 help me get started? Yes! The tutorials and courses are fun and easy to follow even if you're picking up the guitar for the first time. 

I'm pretty good at the guitar, but I want to learn music theory and improve my technique.  I have good news for you! Fretboard101 is the place to learn applied music theory for the guitar, take your technique to the next level, and pick up some sweet new tricks or learn a new style. 

I am a badass guitar player, but I'm wondering how to keep growing and improving my skills? Playing an instrument is an awesome lifelong journey, and there is always something new we can learn! The first 2 weeks of your Fretboard101 membership is only $1, so you can take a look around and see if it's the right fit for you.  

“The greatest thing about guitar lessons with Miles is that he doesn’t start with scales, or reading music, or tuning your guitar — he just starts with a simple love of music. My son and I had lessons with him for two years, and Miles always asked what we were listening to and formed lessons around that. He’s as nice as anyone can possibly be, more patient than I could ever be, and a fantastically gifted and disciplined guitarist. So it’s just fun to be around that, and his love of music is contagious.” 

- Neal

Guitar Theory Made Easy


Identify your guitar goals and make a plan of action, then track your progress with milestones

Playing Technique

Correct technique is an essential element of becoming a great guitarist. Every musical style has it's own technical needs. 

Musical Styles

Fingerstyle, Blues, Rock, Jazz, Bluegrass, Latin Guitar, and more! 

Lead Guitar System

Learn how to instantly play in any major, minor, or blues key. Covers many musical styles. Pentatonic, diatonic, blues, and exotic scales!

Chord Theory System

Learn the underlying structure of how songs are built and use this knowledge to figure out songs for yourself or even write your own music!

Get in the Groove

Learn strumming patterns, how to play in different time signatures, and using a metronome to create your internal clock. 

Song Tutorials

Video tutorials with tabs and jam tracks in a range of playing styles. New songs added every month! 

Jam Tracks

A collection of jam tracks in different playing styles, keys, and rhythms. Develop your musicality and have fun doing it! 

Private Lessons

If you need a little extra help you can schedule a one-on-one Skype lesson. Members get a discount on private lessons. 

Get instant access to Fretboard101 today!

Song Tutorials, Guitar Theory Courses, Jam Tracks, Playing Technique, Roadmap, Online Community, and a Course of Study Created Just for You! Only $14.95/mo. 

“Miles has been teaching our son guitar for the past three years. I have nothing but positive things to say about Miles as a teacher and professional. He is obviously an excellent musician, but he is also an excellent teacher. He has ways of explaining things and encouraging that bring out the best in our son’s playing. Miles is also good about being in contact and following through on promises to provide certain music resources. He is reliable in every way; we can count on fruitful lessons that are easy to schedule and a fair price. What more could a parent ask for in their child’s music teacher?” 

– Joan

“Retirement has given me the time to learn to play the guitar. For the past two years, I have been fortunate to have had Miles as my instructor. He is an excellent teacher who has the knowledge and patience to teach guitar to students of any age. I am very impressed at his ability to listen to my favorite songs and immediately put them into the written style that I can use to learn the songs. Miles has accommodated my schedule and my wishes for the style of guitar music I want to learn. I have no reservations in recommending Miles as an instructor for any age level and for any ability level that students of the guitar may currently possess.” 

– Bob K.


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